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Here are some tips on how to prepare for you portraits.  

  • Rest!  Relax and be yourself.  Arrive rested and feeling your best.  Also, wake up well before your appointment, so you don't look like you just got up.  Please be 10 minutes early for your appointment.

  • Clothing:  Wear clothing that you feel is flattering in both fit and color.  Wear clothes that you normally wear, solid colors, and long sleeves photograph best.  But feel free to bring extra's and we'll help you pick what will photograph best.  Dress according to your tastes.  If you're casual, then be casual in your photograph.  Of course, we'll be doing some formal portraits as well, so be sure to bring something "dressier."  Middle tones of deeper, solid colors generally photograph best with formal backgrounds.  High necklines make the neck seem shorter and face seem fuller.  Short sleeves make the arms appear larger.  Guys, be sure to bring one pair of dark socks.  Casual outfits in earth tones work best for outdoor portraits.  White or pastel colors are perfect for High-Key, White and lighter backgrounds.  Hot Colors look great with our Color-Key backgrounds.  Be sure to take extra care with your outfits so they don't wrinkle before you arrive.

  • Hair:  Wear your hair the way you do naturally.  If you are trying a new style, or getting a hair cut, do it at least two weeks before your appointment.

  • Glasses:  If you wear glasses, be photographed in them, but arrange with your eye-doctor or optometrist to borrow lens-less frames like yours, or have him remove your lenses temporarily.

  • Make-up:  Keep it natural and fresh.  You may want an extra touch of blush for cheek color and mascara on eyelashes.

  • Fresh Shave:  A fresh shave is a must.  If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it's neatly trimmed.

  • Props:  We want to make your portraits reflect the real you.  You are welcome to bring along anything that will reflect your interests, that can be used as a prop.  If you are planning on a sports shot, be sure to include all your uniform tops, and shoes for each sport.  Extra things to hang up could include awards, baseball/softball glove, hats, sweat shirts or t-shirts, letter jackets, band instruments, and uniforms.  We have a football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, bat and hurdle.  Sunglasses are always a fun shot.  Bring anything else you'll want...the more the better!  Cars, pick-ups and motorcycles are great too.

  • Digital:  If you are going to have digitals done, be sure and bring with you anything of your own to make it personal.  We are only limited to your imagination.  Questions?  Call us!



Free Gifts to the 1st 100 seniors!!!

Call for details!  243-6242

1/2 Price Sessions for Seniors During June. 

Call 243-6242 for details.

K-11 School Portraits

Fischer's is now offering Outdoor School Pictures!  Don't miss out.  All ages, K-11 can enjoy beautiful outdoor backgrounds or more traditional indoor settings for their school photos.


FYI:  General Fashion Tips

  • Avoid busy patterns and bright colors.
  • Light colors are best with light backgrounds and fair complexions.
  • Darker colors look better with deep backgrounds and dark hair or complexions.
  • White, ivory, khaki or pastels are best with a white background.
  • Avoid wearing yellow or green as they can adversely affect skin color.
  • Shoes and socks should be in key.
  • Teens and adults should wear long sleeves to cover elbows.
  • Skirts should cover the knees.

Call Locally:  712-243-6242   Nationally:   800-709-3686

Email:  fischerp@mchsi.com


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